Balkan PHARMACEUTICALS COMMITMENTS has become a nationally and internationally recognized name in the drug market. Recently, the brand has been awarded the NOTORIUM trophy as a recognized brand for the third consecutive year. Here are what actions have made them noted in the field for this year and what the company’s plans are for 2020.

“It is a very important award for our company. It means appreciation and recognition from our partners and from our patients PHARMACEUTICALS COMMITMENTS – everyone who chooses Balkan Pharmaceuticals. We are the number 1 brand in the field of pharmaceuticals manufacturing, in Moldova!” declared Alina Doroschevici, quality assurance specialist.

In 2019 Balkan Pharmaceuticals has entered into several partnership agreements with international pharmaceutical companies, committing itself to produce medicines and food supplements for the CIS, EU, Middle East and Southeast Asia markets. This will stimulate exports of Made in Moldova drugs, contributing to a positive image of the country. Another direction of development is genetic engineering – several specialists from Balkan Pharmaceuticals have completed courses under the aegis of international bodies on the implementation of new methods of obtaining drugs. In 2020, the implementation of the technology transfer plan is due.

We will work more in the field of dietary supplements – Balkan Pharmaceuticals, together with international business partners; have developed a range of dietary supplements that they plan to launch in 2020.

“Recently, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has initiated the construction of a new industrial complex for the production of antibiotics.

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