Bodybuilding at home

In bodybuilding, a person does not always strive to conquer the top of sports Olympus. 95% of bodybuilders do not take part in competitive bodybuilding. In the vast majority of cases, bodybuilding is associated with the aesthetic beauty of the body, attractiveness and a healthy lifestyle. All of this can be achieved at home, as many of the exercises are easily emulated by simple projectiles, which can easily and cost-effectively equip your own home. In this article we will try to prove that bodybuilding at home is real.

Home bodybuilding – benefits

So, you decided to do bodybuilding at home. This approach certainly has a number of advantages: you can perform exercises at any convenient time, the duration of training is determined only by your needs and, finally, no one will intercept the bar right under your nose and will not lie down on the bench, while you decided to work on the bench press. Home bodybuilding is an opportunity to prove your independence from the artificial world of services. And finally, bodybuilding at home is a way to save money that can be spent on other needs.

Another advantage is the opportunity to experiment. After reading an article on how to do the right leap, a person may decide to try it, but the gym is not the best place to experiment. Rarely do people like to try a new exercise in the presence of numerous witnesses. It is possible that something will be done wrong – people are afraid to seem ridiculous. But at home you can try out any new exercise or even an entire program. You can make a mistake without worrying about what others will think about it. If you are alone, it is very easy to focus on each repetition and sharpen the form. You can try a new technique – for example, very slow or very fast repetitions, or perform sets without rest and then evaluate the result.

Home Bodybuilding: Five mandatory elements


If you have seriously decided that bodybuilding at home is suitable for you, the first thing to start with is learning the theory. And since you are already reading this article, you can say that you are on the right track. Do not limit yourself to short articles, read the literature in order to understand the mechanisms of muscle growth, to determine the features of your body, to penetrate into the intricacies of body physiology. You will not be able to succeed if you cannot find or create a suitable training program for yourself, and this is only possible with a high level of knowledge of bodybuilding theory. In addition, the Internet is currently full of video tutorials, which you can also use.


Clearly define your goals: relief, muscle gain, fat burning and so on. Obviously, certain muscle groups will require increased attention, others less, all this should be taken into account when planning the program and purchasing or building sports equipment.


It is necessary to make a clear training plan, bodybuilding at home means that you will independently develop a training program for yourself, and include there not only the list of exercises, the number of approaches and repetitions, but also the schedule of the day: sleep, work, study and, most importantly, diet and sports nutrition.

Room preparation

Even the smallest apartment has a corner to organize a home gym. The minimum space to make bodybuilding at home a reality is 9 square meters. There should be no furniture or other household items with sharp edges around, clear the floor and make it with a carpet or, ideally, a carpet. It is desirable to hang a mirror on the wall, so that you can see at least the upper half of the body. Do not forget about the music; place the sound sources on the periphery. The room where the home gym is located should be able to ventilate and have good lighting.

If there are small children and curious pets, it should be possible to block their access to the gym to avoid injuries. An excellent option for a pet gym is a heated and insulated loggia.

Acquisition of equipment

The equipment of the home gym to organize bodybuilding at home can be divided into three classes:

Class 1 – full-service training simulators. This gym is not inferior to professional fitness clubs. However, it will require a lot of financial costs.

Class 2 – the equipment is limited to basic equipment, is in an intermediate position between Class 1 and 3.

Class 3 – minimum equipment, limited to a few shells, with abundant use of improvised means. Economically more attractive, but less functional. However, with the right approach, this class of equipment can fully meet your needs.

A detailed analysis of the equipment for the above classes for the home gym is covered in the article Home Gym.

Home Bodybuilding: Efficiency

Many champions have been training at home for years and have achieved impressive results. Lu Ferrigno, Arthur Beckles, Dorian Yates spent many years in their own garages and basements and reached the championship form. It’s all about motivation. Exercises with free weights: barbells, dumbbells – have no less, and maybe even more effect on muscles than the simulators in the halls.

John DeFendis, a writer, former Mr. U.S.A., a certified coach with 20 years of experience, writes that he often begins to train people who previously only did bodybuilding at home and achieved impressive results without visiting the gym, using sports nutrition and pharmacological products. John DeFendis believes that bodybuilding at home is quite real.

If you follow all the advice given in this article and eat right, your results can greatly exceed the people who go to the gym. The effectiveness of training depends primarily on mental attitude, systematic approach and nutrition, as mentioned above.

Example of a training program

– Squats with feet on shoulder width 20 times

– Shoulder-width push-ups on the floor with palms 15 times

– Press curl (only by lifting the blades) 20 times

– Heavy-duty squats (backpack with load can be used) 20 times

– Floor push-ups with a narrow palm setting (as a burden partner can put pressure on the back) 15 times

– Lifting legs in lying position 20 times

– Falling forward (weighted) 15 times on each leg

– Push-ups on the floor one palm above 8 times and 8 more.

– Press “bike” 20 times

– Hitting back (loaded) 15 times on each leg.

– Elbow Hold (plank) 30 seconds

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