Bodybuilding exercises for home

Before you start training, we recommend you to read the article: Bodybuilding exercises for home, which details the organization of bodybuilding training at home, as well as an article: home gym and simulators for home.

In this article we have tried to give the most effective bodybuilding exercises that can be performed at home without additional shells and simulators. Some exercises require bars and a horizontal bar, which are available in almost every courtyard or school stadium.

In addition, you can use any improvised goods: backpacks, bags, buckets, metal objects and so on. Some will laugh at this, but many professional athletes who categorically dislike gymnasium activities may subscribe to this. Almost 90% of all bodybuilding exercises can be fully imitate at home or in the yard.

Exercises for home workouts

1. Triceps and chest exercises

Push-ups are a great exercise for the home, which includes triceps and chest muscles, press, back and leg muscles are secondary. There are different variations of push-ups that allow you to focus on different bundles of chest muscles, or triceps, read more about this in the main article.

Triceps and chest muscles are perfectly pumped on bars. Read: Push-ups on uneven bars.

2. Exercises for the thigh muscles

Squatting is another basic exercise that is easily done at home. As a burden you can use a backpack with a load, or the weight of an assistant behind your back. By performing squats on one leg you can double the load, so there may be no need for additional burdening at all. Lunges – an effective basic exercise that works well on quadriceps, buttocks, leading muscles and hip biceps. By varying the weight of a burden and leg position, you can shift the emphasis of the load on certain muscles.

3. Home exercises for biceps

The biceps can be pumped using a bar. Perform pull-ups with the lower grip; you can use a weighted backpack if you pull up more than 15 times in one approach.

In addition, you can use weights, weights and dumbbells, if available, to load the bicep. You can lift the bicep with one or both hands.

If rubber or spring expanders are available, the bicep and brachialis can be lifted with one leg and the other with a bent hand.

4. Exercises for the press

Sit-up can be made at home on a rug or even a bed. As a rule, you need help fixing your legs.

You can perform sit-up on bars.

Also a great exercise on the press – lifting the legs on the bar. Hold the turnstile with your hands and lift straight legs in front of you in your knees.

The upper part of the back (the broadest muscles) you can work out while pulling up on the bar. The grip is slightly wider than the shoulders.

If you have a rubber band/expander, you can load the widest and most rhomboid muscles with a tilt pull: step on the middle part of the band, tilt, and slowly pull the ends of the band to the waist (tilt pull).

As a burden you can use 2 any weights (bags or buckets with water, everything that is more convenient for you) or rubber tourniquet.

6. Lower leg muscles exercises

Muscles of caviar are involved in the work when standing on socks (standing calf-raise). Perform the exercise at home, to increase the load – on one leg. You can use a backpack, an assistant’s weight and other weights, at your discretion.

7. Exercises for home on shoulder muscles (delta)

“House” push-ups:

To do this, take the normal lying position, but move your legs closer to your hands. Your legs and body must form a right angle (that’s why this type of exercise is called “house”). The feet are held on the socks. When you have accepted this position, you can move on to the execution itself. As always, we lower to the floor with the whole body, after each repetition we do not throw our body, but smoothly return to the starting position. Make the necessary number of reps in the approach… Many recommend push-ups to the point of failure, in their opinion, this is the most effective way to pump the shoulders.

Handstand push-up:

An excellent exercise that makes a lot of muscles, including deltoid muscles (all bundles), get involved. However, this type of push-ups is not for beginners, it requires some preparation. The first thing to find out is whether you can stand against a wall? And how long can you do it? If you are able to hold on to this position for at least a minute, then try push-ups boldly. Push-ups in the stand and walking on your arms are good exercises for developing a mass of shoulders.

The most important thing is to learn to do push-ups in these positions at least 10 times, after which you can start using weights.

A rubber band is perfect for safe deep delta work.

For the front deltas:

1. Chin pull: Stand with two legs in the middle of the tourniquet and pull to the chin by the ends of the tourniquet;

For the middle deltas:

1. Stand in the middle of the bundle and, holding the ends of the bundle, pull your hands to the side with your pinky up.

For the back deltas:

1. Backstretch: Same starting position, pull the tourniquet back and forth;

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