Bodybuilding equipment

What kind of equipment do you need for your workouts?

You already have enough Bodybuilding equipment to start – your body. You can start them today. But if you want to equip your home fitness room, below you’ll find all the information you need about bodybuilding equipment – from essentials to optional.

Necessary equipment


If I had to choose only one piece of strength exercise equipment, I would choose dumbbells. They’re simple, multifunctional and reliable in use. The cheapest dumbbells are solid hexagonal dumbbells. Take a walk through the sports shops and you’ll probably find a set of dumbbells at an affordable price. Another option is dumbbells, whose weight can be changed. They are comfortable and take up little space.

The bench

The usual straight bench is relatively inexpensive. If you are willing to spend more money, buy a bench with a variable tilt angle on which you can perform dozens of basic exercises.

A pull-up bar

You can make it from a piece of metal tube with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters. You can also buy a prefabricated pull-up bar mounted on a beam slab, wall, ceiling or door.

Swiss ball (fit-ball, fitness ball)

It is excellent for exercises that train the middle part of the body, but can also replace the bench. A set of dumbbells, a Swiss ball and a pull-up bar make up a minimum set of equipment for the home gym.

A bar with disks

Here you have a choice: standard bar or Olympic bar. The standard barbell weighs about 1O kg and the Olympic barbell weighs about 20 kg. You will find the Olympic bar in most gyms. My advice: If you already have a standard barbell, you should not buy the Olympic barbell specifically – your muscles will not feel any differences. It makes sense to buy an Olympic barbell if you are just starting to equip your home gym and want to get rid of your old equipment and replace it with new ones.

The barbell stand

If you are going to do squats with a barbell, you absolutely need a special rack. It will allow you to significantly expand the capabilities of your home gym. You can also buy a barbell stand with pull-up bars and expanders systems.

Additional equipment

Cable simulator for traction

With the help of this simulator you can perform hundreds of options for basic exercises. The most economical model (both in terms of space occupied and in terms of price) is a design with a bar stand. But if you are not constrained by the means, then you can choose a more powerful simulator.

Figured (EZ-shaped) bar signature

When lifting to biceps, this neck (as opposed to direct) can reduce the load on the wrists. In addition, it is shorter than the standard straight neck, so it is more convenient to use it in a limited space.

Athletic kettlebell

You can use them just like dumbbells, and you will see that it will become harder to perform similar exercises with kettlebells. This is because the weight of the kettlebells is not centered, so the stabilizing muscles have to work harder. If desired, in any Bodybuilding equipment exercise, dumbbells can be replaced with kettlebells.

Medical ball

It can be used for exercises aimed at working out the muscles of the middle part of the body, developing skills in specific sports, and even for complicating push-ups from the floor (putting hands on medical balls). You can get a ball that bounces off the surface. In this case, it will be multifunctional: you can throw it into the wall, catch and throw it again.


Plastic sliders with a special sliding coating will make it possible to turn a hard floor or carpet into a kind of ice rink, which when performing basic exercises, such as lunges, will make the stabilizing muscles work much more intensively. Sliders are also perfect for exercises that train the muscles of the middle part of the body, since they allow you to load the abdominal press in a new way.

Hinged straps with handles

A set of nylon belts will allow you to train by attaching them to the crossbar, door or tree, and perform hundreds of exercises for the lower, upper and middle parts of the body, changing the degree of difficulty depending on the level of preparation. Hinged Bodybuilding equipment belts are ideal if you want to train on a trip or expand your arsenal, adding to it a new useful item.

Hinged belts

It is enough to fasten these belts with a loop on a solid bar (in the gym, at home or even in the park), adjust their length – and you can perform push-ups on the mounted belts, pull-ups and reverse traction. Since the belts are not stabilized, they Bodybuilding equipment allow you to load the body on three planes of movement: forward and backward, down and up, from side to side. This circumstance literally gives familiar exercises a new spatial dimension, which helps to correct muscle imbalance.

Step platform

You can perform lifts on a bench, it is better to use a step platform for this, since it will allow you to adjust the height of the lift. The step platform should have a non-slippery surface. With it, you can perform various exercises: lifting, squats, lunges, jumping and push-ups.

Rubber band expander

A long expander will allow you to pull up, a short one is convenient for performing exercises that work the buttocks and muscles of the inner Bodybuilding equipment thighs, such as abduction of the leg with the expander, squats with the weight of your own body and lifting the leg with the rubber expander.


This sports equipment is a hemisphere. It allows you to increase the degree of complexity of exercises such as push-ups and hips.

Sand bag

When you pick it up, sand is Bodybuilding equipment poured inside the bag, changing the center of gravity. This makes the muscles of the middle part of the body work harder to keep you from falling. At first glance, the bag may seem uncomfortable to you, but in reality it is a very useful sports equipment. In size, it is larger than the barbell. It can be compared with a TV or a suitcase, objects that you pick up in real life. The only problem is that sand can spill out of the bag. To prevent this from happening, place the bag in a polyethylene bag.

Balancing pillow

Made of special foam material and consisting of millions of air bubbles, this pillow allows the muscles stabilizing the lower leg, thigh and knee joint to work more intensively during exercises for the lower body. But, in addition to this, you will find here other options for using the balancing pillow, for example, it can be clamped between the knees, lifting the hips.

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