Weight Loss Workout at Home 

 Exercise programs for weight loss Workout at Home  always take into account the existence of two types of athletes: those prone to flexibility and prone to order. Fans of order prefer to deal with rigidly structured programs, where everything is predefined from start to finish. No “see”, no “try” – only the finished results. But there is another category of athletes – those who prefer to be the master of their training programs. They need diversity, a sense of control over the situation. They prefer to have a wide range of semi-finished samples that can be tailored to their needs. 

Most beginners prefer the first approach, because they need constant help, tips and do not yet have the experience of independently preparing training programs. But as they gain experience and strength, achieve certain results and gain self-confidence, they want to try something new and they show more flexibility and a tendency to experiment in their training programs. 

Therefore, bearing in mind the interests of beginners, we will start with a program for the home, which has a fairly rigid structure. This is a five-step program for losing weight, having performed which you will rise from the level of full zero to the level of a superhero. It is ideal for those athletes who love order. This program is for you if: 

  • You have significant excess fat that you want to get rid of; 
  • Fitness without weights is new to you; 
  • You want to get back in good shape as soon as possible. 

Home workout is the simplest and most effective program for quick burning of excess weight, where from the weights you use only your own body weight. High-intensity 60-second periods of work allow you to burn the sugar accumulated in the muscles, which turns your body into a turbojet to burn fat during rest, as well as in the hours and days between workouts. Short 15-second respite, not allowing you to fully recover, give you only time to take a breath and move on to the next exercise. This mode allows you to maximize the level of key hormones that contribute to the burning of fat, such as growth hormone, and constantly maintains an increased heart rate, which also helps to speed up metabolism and improves cardiac training. Studies show that this kind of circular metabolic workout provides an increased metabolic rate for 48 hours after the workout. Depending on your physique, level of physical fitness and gender, you can burn at least 20 kcal per minute. 

 Program for weight loss workout 

This program for weight loss consists of five stages. The duration of each stage is 28 days (4 weeks). The total duration of the program, therefore, is almost 5 months. This is a progressive program: each stage corresponds to a certain level of preparation for each of the 8 basic exercises. In the first stage, you will perform various options for exercises of the first level, in the second – options for the second level and so on. You can count on the fact that you will see the first results after 28 days, namely a decrease in weight by 4-5 kilograms, strengthening muscles, more energy. Moreover, sleep and mood will improve, and you won’t list all the health benefits. 

By the end of this 5-month body transformation program, you will become a powerful and well-built fitness machine! What exactly is meant by this? You can expect that the proportion of fat in the total body weight will drop below 20 percent, and your physical form will be the same as never before in your life – I’m talking about the form that is considered a model in the world of fitness: beautifully defined muscles, press cubes and not a gram of excess weight. 

To achieve the result, you also need to follow a proper diet, including the use of sports nutrition and other means of recovery after training. 

Training plan 

Perform the full range of exercises three times a week, resting between workouts, ideally 48 hours. For example, you could train on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

During the workout, alternate 60 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Exercises are performed in a circle. Here is their general order: 

  1. Pelvic Lift  
  1. Push up  
  1. Deep squats  
  1. Pull-up on a low bar 
  1. Forward tilt  
  1. Push-ups standing on hands 
  1. Squat on one leg 
  1. Pull-up on a high bar 

The duration of each cycle is 10 minutes. For best results, three cycles should be performed in one workout so that the total workout is 30 minutes. If you experience a lack of time or if you are completely out of shape, you can limit yourself to one or two cycles (training duration is 10 or 20 minutes). If you have enough time and exercise regularly, do four to six cycles, increasing the total training time to 40-60 minutes. This is your program, and you can adjust it to your own daily routine and level of training. 

Within 60 seconds, perform as many repetitions of the exercise as possible, strictly observing the form and technique. If it is an isometric exercise, just hold the required position for 60 seconds or as much as you can. If you need to relax, you can take a pause at any time within the 60-second interval and resume work at any time before the allotted time has elapsed. This training method with short pauses between sets (from 5 to 20 seconds) allows you to perform more repetitions of a particularly difficult exercise for several sets than you could perform in one set without taking breaks. In addition, this technique accelerates muscle growth and fat burning. Ultimately, you will achieve such a form that you can work out 60-second intervals without stopping. 

 Level 1. Absolute zero (28 days) 

When it comes to one-sided exercises, where the main burden falls on one arm or leg, try to change sides after 30 seconds and always start from the side that is weaker, because at the beginning of the interval you are stronger. You can also work out one side for a minute, and then the next time you go through the cycle Workout at Home , switch to the second side. But make sure that the number of approaches/repetitions is the same for both sides (for this you need the number of cycles to be even: two, four or six).  

Finally, you can alternate sides after each repetition and continue alternating for the entire minute. This method is necessary to perform the most difficult exercises, such as Pistols Squats, push-ups on one arm and pull-ups on one arm, as it provides the highest intensity of classes and does not let you get too tired by the time the turn reaches the other side. In addition, you do not have to keep track of time to know when you need to change sides. 

In general, you must have time to complete 10 repetitions in 60 seconds (5 on each side in the case of one-sided exercises). If you can’t do it in 10 repetitions per minute, make your task easier using one of the regressions corresponding to this level of exercise. If you consistently perform more than 10 repetitions per minute, Workout at Home  complicate your task using one of the progressions corresponding to this level of exercise. 

When performing exercises such as jumping from a squat, jumping in place, plyometric push-ups and pull-ups on the low bar, pause for 4-5 seconds in the upper or lower position between explosive repetitions so as not to sacrifice quality to the quantity. You can also alternate 10 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest, dividing the minute interval into three mini-intervals. You should not just jump as fast as possible within a minute, as the risk of injury can outweigh the benefits you expect from this exercise. 

After 28 days, proceed to the next level of the program. 

  • Month 1. Level 1. Absolute zero 
  • Month 2. Level 2. Beginner 
  • Month 3. Level 3. Intermediate 
  • Month 4. Level 4. Advanced 
  • Month 5. Level 5. Superhero 


Level 2. Beginner 


Level 3. Intermediate 

If you want to increase the intensity of training, use the drop-set method: for the first 30 seconds, perform the version of the exercise that is currently Workout at Home  being given to you with the most difficulty (for example, push-ups with raised legs), and in the next 30 seconds switch to some of the lightweight variants of the same exercise (for example, regular push-ups from the floor) so that the pace of classes does not decrease. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Beginners must follow the instructions of the program to the last point, and then I guarantee that you will not regret the effort and time spent. 


Level 4. Advanced 

Level 5. Superhero 


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