Training at home

Train at home or in the gym?

Why spend money to pay for a visit to a fitness club? To burn fat and strengthen your muscles, you do not Training at home need anything except yourself.

  • · Do not go to the gym if… you think that for beautiful muscles you must lift weights.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you think that you must run or pedal on cardiovascular equipment to burn fat and lose weight.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you would prefer to practice in the privacy and comfort of your home.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you want to save money and time spent on the road to the fitness club.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you have not to sleep enough to not miss a workout.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … inclement weather causes training breakdowns.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you can do it yourself efficiently and safely.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you don’t need fans and you don’t need to report to anyone in order to achieve results.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you have no extra money.
  • · Do not go to the gym if … you do not like going to the gym.
  • · Go to the gym if … you are looking for a reason to chat or get out of the house, if you do not have a shower or you need the services of a professional trainer who would follow your every move.

In all other cases, the gym should be discarded. You do not need him. All you need is yourself.

This article is addressed to all those who want to maximize their fitness. Are you too busy and can’t devote much time to exercise? In this article, you will learn how to organize a workout for all muscle groups, which can be completed in 20 minutes, or even faster.

Are you a newbie who is only Training at home afraid of the idea of trying something new? Do not be afraid. We begin the study of each of the 8 basic exercises with the very basics, with the simplest movements that almost everyone is able to perform; In addition, we will show you the various options for basic exercises that are easier and more complex. The idea is to move forward in small steps so that you do not have to jump above your head. Even with the help of the simplest movements, you can organize an absolutely remarkable set of exercises in terms of effectiveness and increase complexity as you are ready.

There are people who are panicky Training at home afraid of the bar. Some women think that if they touch the barbell, they will turn into green monsters like the Incredible Hulk. When performing exercises without weights, this danger does not threaten you. The proposed programs will allow you to have strong, but not too convex muscles, aiming at those areas that concern many women: stomach, buttocks, hips and triceps.

Are you a classic representative of the category of people who play sports on weekends? This article will show you how to restore youthful energy in order to do what you like and not to suffer from pain, limping and swallowing ibuprofen. If you are an athlete, then in order to maximize your potential on the court, treadmill or soccer field, you first need to learn to perfectly master your body. Exercise without weights will help you learn how to perform the most basic movements. That is why most fitness experts recommend that you first learn how to move without weights and only then increase the load with dumbbells and a bar.

This article will help you lay the foundation. From Training at home it you will learn what basic free exercises should be included in the program of strength and sports training. When properly performed, these exercises will protect your body, reducing the risk of injury during competition.

You say you already feel overwhelmed? That when walking your joints makes so many kinds of sounds that you can make an instrumental ensemble from them? Weightless training is ideal for this situation, because it will help you return to normal. They are not just carried by your joints easier than exercises on simulators or with weights, but really make the joints stronger and more elastic. They will return the former mobility to the spine, hip and ankle joints, help improve posture. After each training session, you will feel better than before it, and gradually the feeling of pain will  be Training at home replaced by pleasure.

Finally, this article is addressed to athletes who are already in great shape, but want to reach a new level of strength and endurance. Build your training program from top-level exercises and gradually increase their complexity.

Basic training questions

· Proper nutrition during training

· How to change the difficulty level of an exercise

· Hollow Body Hold

· Diaphragmatic breathing

Short review

8 major weight-free exercises

This is the basis of training at home. This will teach you the right way to do the eight key exercises you need to stay fit, using only your own body weight. With their help, you will strengthen the muscle corset and pump up a beautiful, perfectly symmetrical Training at home and proportional muscle. Each exercise has five difficulty levels from zero to superhero level. The main exercises are as follows:

– Pelvic lift

– Push ups

– Deep squats

– Pulling on a low bar

– Lean forward

– Push ups

– One leg squats

– Pull up

Fat burning program

Weight loss workouts at home is a complete five-step fat burning program with 8 core exercises designed to get you in top shape in just 5 months. Is five months too long? Do not worry. After 4 weeks, you will lose enough weight Training at home and your shape will improve, so that doing the exercises will be much easier and more enjoyable. You will love training, and it will motivate you. If you prefer to work according to a clearly structured plan, which details what and when to do, then this program is for you.

Cardio training


If you have to choose only one cardio exercise, then the choice should be made in favor of burpy, because it involves all the muscles of the body from the top of the head to the heels and allows you to burn more calories in one minute than any other. But it must be done correctly or not!

8 weight-free cardio exercises

These eight best exercises will help you speed up your metabolism and you will never need cardio machines again (if you don’t want to use them):

– Jumper

– Climber

– Skater

– Crouching donkey

– Skier

– Brake-dance

– Sprinter

– Woodcutter

More Details: Cardio Exercises

Cardio training without weight

This 20-minute workout for weight loss combines 8 basic cardio exercises into a single complex, with an insane speed, destroying calories. You can perform it both at home and in a hotel room. To achieve results as soon as possible, it is better to perform this complex in the days between the implementation of the fat burning program.

More Details: Cardio Workout

10 key benefits of workouts without weight

The fitness industry is full of all kinds of expensive toys, unrealistic promises and outright lies. Take a walk around the city and you will see fragments of unfulfilled dreams of losing weight in the form of used, but almost new, simulators and other equipment sold by disappointed owners at bargain prices during garage sales. These simulators do not help. Either the people who bought them did not know how to use them correctly, or they did not eat properly during training, or simply lost their motivation by working out for a week.

With the help of exercises that can be performed in any circumstances, you will lay a powerful foundation that will serve as a reliable support. By performing these exercises, you are struggling with gravity. After all, if you think about it, simulators and tools for physical exercises (even old-fashioned dumbbells and a bar) are relatively recent inventions. They came into fashion only in the 60-70s of the XX century. Exercises without weights (including classical gymnastics), people have been doing for centuries. In our constant pursuit of development, we sometimes overlook simplicity.

Exercise machines and free weights have their time and place, but you just keep in mind what an advantage it is to be able to train without possessing anything beyond what God has given you.

Weightless exercises can be performed anytime and anywhere

Training without weights deprives many of the arguments with which you justify your unwillingness or inability to exercise. For example, in a survey conducted by specialists from Marquette University, students indicated the following factors that prevent them from doing physical education and sports: lack of time, lack of energy, reluctance to engage in physical education in public, lack of technical capabilities, and inability to use fitness equipment.

Exercises without weights do not leave stone on stone from these excuses. They cost you nothing in terms of finance. You do not need to go to the club and be shy about anyone. To perform most of the exercises without weights, it is enough to have a space of two by two meters (so that you can fit lying down), whether at home or somewhere else. You do not need to spend time and gas to drive to and from the sports club. Wherever you are, you always have everything you need for classes with you, so there is simply no reason to skip a workout.

This brings us to the question that weightless exercises can be performed not only anywhere, but anytime. Training without weights easily become a habit and stay with you forever. The price of a training or nutrition program is worthless, if you will refuse sooner or later.

What is the point of doing something for 30 or 90 days if you know in advance that everything will end on the 31st or 91st day? Unfortunately, when most people embark on a training program, they rarely look far ahead. They just don’t think about what will happen to them when the program comes to an end.

But exercise programs without weights do not have any time limits, because they deprive you of the opportunity to say: “This is too troublesome, enough… ”.

Working with people for many years, I discovered three simple truths:

· Most people are able to adhere to an intensive training program, involving several classes per week.

· Most people can cut from 10 to 30 minutes a day for intense training.

· Most people can perform low-intensity exercises at least every day.

In short, the key to success is that doing the exercises should not cause discomfort. It is this important quality of exercise without weights that allows you to consistently adhere to the appropriate training programs.

Weightless training is effective

When you exercise with free weights and on simulators, during the training process you constantly have to adjust the weight, and this takes time. Adding new discs to the bar, changing dumbbells, varying the load on the simulator, you lose precious time solving these technical issues, instead of devoting it entirely to burning calories and strengthening muscles. When doing exercises without weights, downtime is significantly reduced; you can quickly change exercises, reducing the time for rest between sets (sets) and increasing the density of the workout as a whole. The higher the density of the workout (that is, the amount of work done per unit of time), the more slender and strong you will be.

In addition, remember: when you are engaged in the gym, you have to wait in line until the necessary weights or trainer is released. When you perform exercises without weights, you do not need to wait.

Weightless exercises help burn fat

The best exercises for weight loss are strength exercises, which:

· Mobilize several muscle groups at the same time;

· Make it easy to switch between exercises that affect different parts of the body;

· Provide an opportunity to regulate the intensity of exercises so that you can work without breaks for rest;

· Can be performed anytime, anywhere, as they require minimal space and equipment.

The eight basic exercises that will be discussed will meet all of the above criteria.

To achieve the maximum effect in terms of burning fat, it is best to organize a workout in such a way that there is no need for long rest breaks between exercises. Short stops lasting no more than 30 seconds contribute to the release of important hormones (including growth hormone), which activate fat metabolism and allow you to burn more calories per unit time. This technique is called metabolic strength training, because it provides the maximum effect of burning fat in a minimum of time strengthens the cardiovascular system and provides an increased metabolic rate for a few more days after the workout (the effect of afterburning calories). For this purpose, several patterns of alternating exercises are used:

· Supersets: alternating two

· Three-sets: alternating Three Exercises

· Circular training: alternating four or more exercises

All of these options destroy abdominal fat, because they constantly maintain an increased heart rate. The result is the same aerobic effect as from running, but at the same time muscles are strengthened.

Weightless exercises strengthen muscles and develop the brain

If the simulators simply pump muscles, then the exercises without weights also develop the brain. Exercise machines were created to highlight a specific muscle group and focus on it. Their main principle is to simplify the process of doing the exercise so that you just have to sit down, choose the weight and perform the movements in a predetermined and rigidly fixed manner. The simulator itself takes care of your joints, and the role of the central nervous system (brain) in this process is reduced to zero. You do not learn to perform this exercise, but simply thoughtlessly make uniform movements. And although they allow you to pump up the corresponding muscles, they are practically not similar to the movements that we perform in real life.

Now, let’s look at pull-back exercise. When the role of a weight is played by your own body, the brain needs to coordinate the activity of various muscles in order to perform the exercise according to all the rules, providing a full range of movements. During this exercise, many more different processes occur in your body, and the central nervous system plays an important role at every stage. In addition, pull-back pulling involves more muscle than working on the simulator.

Secret weapon for cutting: Push-Up

Exercise without weights so effectively helps in the fight against excess weight, that, looking at your ability to do push-ups, you can predict how successful your efforts in this direction will be. Canadian researchers report that for twenty years they tracked the relationship between the condition of the musculoskeletal system and the presence of excess weight. They found that the probability of developing obesity depends on how many times a person can make push-ups (and this is one of the criteria for the health of the musculoskeletal system). It turned out that people who do poorly push-ups have a 78 percent higher probability of gaining 10 kilograms in weight over the next twenty years. The authors of the study explain this connection by the fact that those who are able to do push-ups are more likely to engage in other exercises that contribute to burning fat.

Weightless exercises prepare you for real life

Weightless exercises are natural, functional and athletic. They prepare the body for everyday life, for example, help to learn how to sit on a chair and get up from it. It may seem unimportant to you now, but what do you say when you are eighty-seven? You will be very glad that you raised these exercises in due time. Weightless training prepares you for walking up and down stairs and cross country terrain. They improve your reaction and allow you to achieve better results in sports, developing all the muscles of the body and helping them maximize their potential. Now you not only look strong. By focusing on movements, and not just on specific muscle groups, you develop the entire neuromuscular system, not just the muscles. You develop self-awareness and coordination.

Training without weights is effective for both beginners and experienced

One of the most common misconceptions regarding fitness is that weightless exercises do not allow you to effectively gain muscle mass and strength. However, only two factors play a role in muscle strengthening: tension (the muscle strength necessary to perform movement or holding a posture) and the time that muscles are held in this state. Although most people believe that the opportunity to become a muscular strongman is provided exclusively by training with weights, in fact, you only need to choose sufficiently intense exercises that require maximum stress and activate the

maximum number of muscle fibers. It is the combination of the high tension of the workouts and their duration (or the number of completed approaches and repetitions) that is the key to strengthening muscles and building muscle mass, and the use of weights does not play any special significance.

If each time you are limited to push-ups, then even pushing up for as long as you can, you will not be able to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, since over time only the amount of effort grows, but their intensity does not increase. Therefore, no push-ups will give the effect of pumping up muscles that will bring 5-10 repetitions of the bench press. But if you choose a complicated version of push-ups (for example, push-ups with raised legs or on one arm) so that even 5-10 repetitions are given with great difficulty, then your goals in terms of increasing muscle mass and strength will certainly be achieved. To make progress, weight-free exercises need to be constantly complicated. The more intense they are, the faster the result will be.

The main advantage of non-weighted exercises is that they do not require equipment and will be useful both for beginners in the fitness world and for those who have extensive experience in endurance exercises, but maybe did not engage in strength exercises. However, this does not mean that weightless exercises are intended only for beginners. By varying the intensity of the exercises, even professionals can benefit from their implementation.

You can use more intensive movements with fewer repetitions to increase muscle mass and strength as soon as possible or less intensive movements with more repetitions to speed up fat burning and improve physical fitness, but in any case, you do not need any weights other than your own body.

Weightless training can be very interesting and varied

Interest in weightless exercises can be maintained by gradually increasing their intensity and setting ever higher goals. Yes, I must admit that working with exercise equipment and free weights allows you to achieve more quickly the result, but you can get the same, or even a greater degree of satisfaction, by doing exercises without weights. The thing is that methods of overcoming one’s own gravity can be invented endlessly.

Many people do push-ups, but how many do them on one arm? While I can’t complete this exercise, I’m working on it. It should be noted that on the way from the basic form of push-ups to the highest, there are literally dozens of intermediate points, the achievement of each of which is a victory over oneself. These victories require many years of dedicated work. In addition, when performing exercises without weights, you are constantly striving to improve movement skills, which will then be useful to you in everyday life, while the only improvement during exercises with a barbell or on simulators is to increase the load.

Still exercises without weights are incredible variety. There are hundreds of ways to perform each of the key movements using the principles of progression, which I will introduce you to: varying the load, posture, rhythm, range of motion, complexity Training at home, and metabolic requirements. There are also hundreds of ways to make a training complex from the same exercises, depending on the level of your training, goals that you set for yourself, and time that you can devote for workouts.

Weights-free training provides the right balance and prevents injuries

Properly organized training without weights ensures the proper structural balance between the muscles of the front and rear halves of the body. Such structural equilibrium can be achieved if equal attention is paid to exercises related to performing push-ups and pull-ups for the upper half of the body and exercises Training at home in which the knee and hip joints dominate, for the lower half of the body.

If you often do squats and do not pay enough attention to exercises such as a bridge and leaning forward, this leads to the dominance of the quadriceps muscles over the back and gluteus muscles and ultimately the occurrence of pain in the knees. But this imbalance is easily corrected with the help of such exercises as lunges without burdens. According to the study, lunges evenly develop the inner and outer sides of the thigh, which allows you to restore balance.

It should be noted that an imbalance also occurs if you prefer exercises for the upper half of the body, ignoring the lower, and vice versa. Do not forget that the largest muscle mass is concentrated in the lower half of the body, which means that it has the greatest metabolic potential. Therefore, if you want to burn fat as efficiently as possible, then no less attention should be paid to the legs and hips than to the arms and upper half of the body.

Training without weights also contributes to maintaining healthy joints, providing a full range of motion. In particular, they help maintain stability at the extreme Training at home points of the range of motion of the joints when the socks are stretched or pulled as far as possible, since it is in these positions that most injuries occur.

Weightless exercises strengthen the muscle corset and unload the spine

One of the unique aspects of non-weight training is that all key movements effectively mobilize the abdominal muscles and lower back, forming the muscle Training at home corset, to a much greater extent than the corresponding exercises with a barbell or on the simulator.

Push-ups in this sense are far superior to the bench press or chest press on the simulator, because the back is left without support and the muscles surrounding the pelvis and body must be included in the work to stabilize the spine and prevent excessive lowering of the lower back.

The “Plank” exercise, especially the “Side Plank”, extremely efficiently loads the stomach without overloading the spine. Throughout the exercise, the back remains straight, and this reduces the risk of injury without sacrificing the effectiveness of working out the abdominal muscles. If you progress to more complex forms of push-ups, gradually narrowing the support base and reducing the number of points of contact Training at home with the floor, then all the muscles of the body should work together, not allowing the spine to bend in any direction.

Squats without weights load the spine much less than squats with a barbell or leg press on the simulator. Weights of large mass cause compression of the vertebrae, and ultimately, the lower back become the factor that does not allow you to endlessly increase the load.

Pull-up is preferable to bent-over row for several reasons. First, when Training at home you hang on the bar, the spine is stretched and the compressed vertebrae diverge. This is very important if you remember that in the sitting and standing position, the spine is in a compressed state. Secondly, every time you raise your arms above your head, the muscle corset has to work harder to stabilize the spine.

Weightless exercises allow you to have a perfectly symmetrical and proportional body

Beautiful appearance is one of the most powerful motivators Training at home that encourage people to stay on track and continue to train. Of course, you want to move better, feel better, be healthy and energetic, but a slim, athletic figure, like nothing else, increases self-esteem and gives confidence. Although any integrated training and diet program can improve your appearance to one degree or another, there is no better solution for maximizing your genetic potential and gaining the most natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance than non-weight training.

Naturalness is an important quality. Exactly exercises Training at home without weights allow you to achieve the most beautiful appearance, which can be seen on the example of many gymnasts, boxers, martial masters and great warriors of the past. You have the right to count on a stunningly symmetrical and perfectly proportional figure that is flawless in every way. You will look as good as possible for you. You will look like you are not aware of the running of time.

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