anabolic index

Anabolic index

The ratio of anabolic activity to androgen is called anabolic index. It is therefore clear that the most valuable drug is the one with the highest anabolic index, the highest anabolic activity over androgen. The anabolic index was calculated in rat experiments, so extrapolation of the data to humans is not entirely correct.

Anabolic index = Anabolic activity / Androgenic activity

The anabolic index and anabolic activity are the main indicators of the drugs that increase muscle mass.

Anabolic activity occurs during physical training. A well-chosen curriculum will increase the anabolic activity of the drugs. Another important factor is the correct diet and healthy sleep (during which muscles grow). Do not neglect them in parallel with regular training. The action of anabolic cells on cells of an organism is increased protein synthesis, which in turn has a fat-burning effect.

Anabolic index and bodybuilding

Bodybuilding should give preference to drugs with a high anabolic index, the higher the index, the less side effects the drug usually has, while its ability to cause muscle hypertrophy remains high.

As already mentioned, all figures were obtained from animal experiments. In humans, almost all anabolic steroids have high androgenic activity, and yet this can only be applied to humans with greater error.

The androgenic index is particularly important for women, who should only use drugs with a low androgenic index. As these drugs cause less masculinization.


The anabolic index has been determined in animal studies, whereas in humans virtually all drugs. Show high androgenic activity due to the smaller differences in the structure of androgen receptors. 

The anabolic index was first introduced in the 1950s. Researchers compared the effects of anabolic drugs on prostate hypertrophy (androgenic action) and muscle hypertrophy (levator ani) in rats. The greater the effect on the hypertrophy of the muscles, the higher the anabolic index of the drug.

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